"Benefitting the Growth of Your Classroom with New Literacies"

Briana Shea - EDU 106 - EdTech Portfolio

Hello all and welcome to my EdTech Portfolio . Ever doubted the use of technology in the classroom? Feel that students will not learn efficiently if teaching is done online? Well, this space was created to give those of you who are "naysayers" a different perspective on incorporating the methods of new literacies within our classrooms. Here, I share my perspective on how I feel the classroom can fully blossom with the help of technology. After all, you know what they say...

"Out with the old and in with the NEW!"

At the top, you might find some links. My perspective writing pieces are located in each "Writing Sample" link. I have also included a tutorial of an online tool one might find useful while teaching students. For more information about me, click the link labeled, "About Me."